Social Studies Picture
                Social Studies Department
                Mary E. Stimson, Social Studies Department Chair
                Alvin High School
                802 South Johnson Street
                Alvin, TX 77511
                281-245-2727(classroom) and 281-245-6354(office)

    Social Studies DepartmentGoals

    In accordance with the Mission Statements of both Alvin ISD and Alvin High School, it is the goal of the Social Studies Department to develop in each student:
    1.     Understanding of American traditions and accomplishments;

    2.     Historical and political knowledge is necessary for responsible citizenship;

    3.     Mastery in social studies knowledge and skills;

    4.     Functional literacy in personal economics;

    5.     Awareness of state and local political, economic, and cultural uniqueness;

    6.     Recognition of the social, political, and economic interdependence of modern nations;

    7.     Critical thinking and decision-making skills;

    8.     Understanding of America’s multi-cultural society and the advantages and challenges   that it offers.


                Mary Stimson, Social Studies Chair AHS
     U.S. Capitol