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    Dance Mission Statement:


    The Manvel High School Dance Department will empower students to develop an understanding and appreciation for dance through disciplined study and creative, passionate production.

    Dance Department Schedule:
    1st Period   Varsity Dance Team
    2nd Period   Dance 1
    3rd Period   Dance I (Key)/ Principles of Dance 2-4 (White)
    4th Period   Dance I/Dance PE (Key) Dance/Performance Ensemble - Officers (White)
    5th Period  JV Dance Team
    6th Period   Performance and Ensemble - Socials (Key) Int. Dance (White)
    7th Period   Conference  
    Tutorials - By appointment (virtually or F2F)

    Elaine White                           Kelsey Key

    ewhite@alvinisd.net              kkey@alvinisd.net

    281-245-2237                        281-245-2315