Nombre: Anita Muffeny
    Telefono: 281-585-5318
    Mark Twain Elementary; cuarto # 248
    Maestra bilingue de lectura, escritura y estudios sociales
    Cuarto: 248
    Horas de conferencia: 1:45pm - 2:15pm
    Universidades: Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas y University of Maryland, Silver Springs, Maryland.
    Name:   Ann Muffeny
    School Phone 281- 585-5318
    Mark Twain Elementary; Room #  248
    Bilingual/Dual Language teacher
    Spanish language Arts and Social Studies
    Conference Hours:  1:45pm - 2:15pm
    Universities:  Trinity University, San Antonio; University of Maryland, Silver Springs, Maryland.

    Soy maestra de 2o grado bilingüe.  Fui creada y educada en Mexico desde niña y vine a los Estados Unidos para estudiar en la universidad.  Nunca habia vivido aqui.  Estudie en la universidad en San Antonio, Texas y en la universidad de Maryland.

    I am a bilingual 2nd grade Dual Language teacher who was raised and educated in Mexico.  I came to the United States to attend Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  I had never lived in the USA before.
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