COVID-19 Update -
    Please contact me via email at rsroot@alvinisd.net for the link to my online office hours.
    Office hours are 11-12, Monday through Friday.
    UPDATE: AP Exam Cancellations and Refunds
    While we hope all of our AP students are planning to take their AP exams, we understand the need for flexibility during this time.  The deadline to cancel AP exams is MAY 6th.  All cancellations must go through Total Registration no later than May 6th in order to receive a refund.  Refunds will be returned to the same method of payment used to pay for the exam.  Once an exam is cancelled, there is NO option to re-register to take the exam, and refunds will NOT be issued for students who are registered for an exam but do not take it at the time assigned by College Board.  In addition, payments for all registered exams are overdue.  Any registered exam that is not paid in full by MAY 6th will be cancelled.  If you have any questions, please contact the Advanced Academics Specialist on your high school campus.
    Please see the AP Exam Dates page for more information.
    Manvel High School offers a number of Pre-AP and AP course in each content that are grounded in college readiness and college success. The Pre-AP and AP courses are designed to be rigorous and prepare students for the challenges of advanced college coursework. At the end of AP courses, students have the opportunity to take the AP exam to earn college credit. Students who score a 3, 4, or 5 are often granted college credit, depending on the university.
    For more information regarding Pre-AP and AP coursework, please visit the College Board at http://www.collegeboard.org  or Rebecca Root, our Advanced Academics Specialist.