Marek Elementary Gifted and Talented Program

Advanced Academic Specialist: Joanna Wang

  • Alvin Advanced Academics Mission Statement
    The mission of the Alvin ISD Advanced Academics Program is to support each Gifted and Talented student and Advanced Learner in order to foster the academic and social/emotional needs of these students in the following ways:

    • cultivating reationships

    • strengthening critical thinking skills

    • providing greater depth and complexity

    • differentiating learning experiences to encourage life-long learning

  • To get more information about the Alvin ISD Gifted and Talented program and to see the GT Parent Handbook, please go to the Alvin ISD Advanced Academic website!!!


    If you are interested in referring your 1st-5th grade child for the GT Program, please print the referral form below, and submit them no later than March 1, 2021 for spring testing, in order to have your child screened for the program:

    Please click here for a copy of the GT referral form.  


    Please note, we do not accept nominations for kindergarten students. All kindergarten students are screened during the fall semester. Students who exhibit an aptitude for higher level, divergent, analytical, and creative thinking will be selected for further testing. If your child exhibits this aptitude, you will be informed of the need for further testing and potential candidacy.