• Note Reading Exercises
    This is a very useful and easy to use site that shows you how many note identification answers you get right or wrong, and what percentage you get right! Click on the 'Settings' button to change the clef. You can also drag the notes up or down to customize the range you're working on.
    This is a very effective exercise that will help you learn to read the notes on a staff. You select the range of notes that you need to work on. You can even customize it to help you distinguish between one or two different pitches!
    To get started, follow the instructions in red:
    1) Select "Note Identification."
    Note Trainer1
    2) Select "Yes" when asked if you would like to customize your exercise.
    3) Select treble clef or bass clef.
    4) Select ' Custom Range.'
    Note Trainer 2
    5) Select the range of notes that you would like to work on by dragging the notes in the staff.
    Note Trainer 3
    6) Choose a key signature. For most beginners, this should be the blank box in the middle.
    7) Select "Letters."
    8) Choose whether or not you want to use accidentals. For most beginners, this should be "No."
    Note Trainer 4
    9) Click "Start Exercise."
    Note Trainer 5