Judi Walker
    Lead Drill Instructor

    About Me
    I started with ADAPT in August of 2010. My background in law, management, physical fitness, and corrections (an officer for Texas Department of Criminal Justice) has given me the perfect blend of experience for my position. I sincerely enjoy my role here at the ADAPT Center. I believe a difference can be made in every student who attends our program. The challenge is to find the individual connection with each student in order to instill the discipline which will lead to the change that is needed for success.
    In my spare time I enjoy doing photography and baking. I especially enjoy photographing my kids and grandblessings in fun and creative pictures. 
       vow renewal    vow renewal 2                                 I have been married to David since January of 1993. In April (2018) we renewed our wedding vows in Sorrento, Italy (celebrating 25 years of marriage).    We have four children and five grandchildren.
    walker kids
    Braden (far left) is 22, a graduate of Alvin High School (2017) and works for Holiday Inn Express. 
    Kyle (second from left) is 27, a graduate of Clear Lake High School (2012) and lives in Florida with his wife (September of 2020);
    Zachery (second from right) is 23, a graduate of Three Oaks Academy in Houston (2016) and works for C2C at Galveston Bay Refinery. He is married to Marissa (November 2017) and father to our grandblessings Makayla and Nathaniel;
    our only daughter Kaci is 26, a graduate of Assets Academy (January 2016) and is currently a full-time Mommy to our grandblessings Silas, Angela, and Elias. She is also going to school to be a dental hygientist.
     Silas (8 1/2),  Makayla (5),  Angela (5)                                Nathaniel (2 years)                                                               Elias (1 year)