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    If you are interested in taking the Academic Decathlon Class please contact the individuals below and your counselor:
    Lisa Staup
    Academic Decathalon Coach
    Room C234
    Justin Zendt
    Academic Decathlon Asst. Coach
    Room C133
    Rebecca Root
    Room C138
    Advanced Academic Specialist

    Open House Information - Academic Decathlon Class


    What You'll Learn

    You’ll always learn something different. Each year, the Academic Decathlon® selects a new theme for teams all over the country to explore. The theme shapes an entire course of studies—and brings it all together. The more years you participate in Academic Decathlon®, the more themes you’ll master. And, since our curriculum team develops these themes with special attention to national content standards, you’ll find you’re becoming not just a more knowledgeable Academic Decathlete, but a stronger all-around student.

    Acadec 2018

    The theme for the 2019-20 season is "In Sickness and in Health"

    The U.S. Academic Decathlon® is excited to announce that the overall curricular theme for 2018–2019 will be 'In Sickness and in Health" Following is some general information on the topics in each of the subject areas.

     SCIENCE: The science topic will be an introduction to the biology of cancer.

    • LITERATURE: The literature curriculum will include critical reading, one long work of literature, and selected shorter works. The long work of literature will be the 1818 version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
    • ART: The art curriculum will include a section on art fundamentals and will largely focus on an exploration of illness and wellness in art.
    • MUSIC: The music curriculum will introduce students to various musical works from across the centuries that will allow them to examine the role of mortality in Western art music.
    • SOCIAL SCIENCE: The social science curriculum will introduce students to the history of healthcare.
    • ECONOMICS: The economics curriculum will cover fundamental economic concepts, microeconomics, and macroeconomics and will also include a thematic section on health economics.
    • MATHEMATICS: The mathematics curriculum will cover algebra and trigonometry.*

    Please see the full subject area outlines for more details. You can also order study materials through our program brochure. Our team prepares approachable resource guides and helpful practice tests and other tools that you can use with your team to do your best on competition day.