• Manvel Aquatics
    • MUST have your physical complete BEFORE the first day of training (August 20, 2018).  If this is not taken care of before the start of training, you will be removed from the class and not be allowed to participate in varsity swimming, diving, or water polo for the 2017-2018 school year.
    • Dress code will be followed AT ALL TIMES 

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    Training begins Monday, August 20, 2018
    You must have a current physical dated after March 2018, and you must have everything else necessary or you will be removed from the class.
    You will be required to have ALL equipment EVERY DAY - see below.... 
    WEEK 1: August 20-August 24, 2018: Swim period only.  Try-outs this week.  We'll be in the pool or on the track daily.
    WEEK 2: August 27-August 30, 2018: Dry land during Swim period and
                        M-Th we'll be in the water until 4:00pm. No practice after school Fri.
    WEEK 3: September 4-6, 2018: Dry land during Swim period and
                        T-Th we'll be in the water until 4:30pm.
    WEEK 4: September 10-12, 2018: Dry land during Swim period and
                        M-W we'll be in the water until 5:00pm. No practice this Thursday or Friday.
                        I'll be in Austin for the annual TISCA Coaching Clinic. Regular M-F practices
                        begin week 5.
    All subsequent training will follow the Week 4 schedule unless changed by your coach.  No after-school practice September 13-14 due to a clinic all district swim coaches will attend.
     All non-club swimmers are expected to complete a minimum of 4 after school practices weekly.
     Club swimmers are expected to practice with us after school a minimum of 4 times weekly for 1 hour, or twice weekly for 2 hours (in addition to attending all club practices).
    You are REQUIRED to have the following
    equipment with you EVERY DAY:
    Water Bottle, Suit, Cap, Goggles, T-shirt, Shorts, Running Shoes  
    Do not ever take your gear home unless you have something to replace it.
    If you cannot practice because you lack gear, you will loose points on your grade.
    If you make a habit of missing practices or cannot maintain passing
    grades,you will be removed from the team. 
     "Never mistake activity for achievement." 
                                                    John Wooden
    "Progress, not perfection..."
                                                        Denzel Washington