Mr.H and Mrs. H
    Connie Hamilton
    Campus Phone : 281-585-5313
    Conference: 12:40-1:30
    University Alma Mater-  University of Houston

    Welcome to 1st grade! I am looking forward to working with students and their families on our learning journey this year. I have taught for 36 years, but the excitement and enthusiasm for my students and their learning opportunities renews each August as we begin preparing for the new school year. My husband teaches 2nd grade here at Mark Twain. We are passionate about children, education and our community.
    If you have any questions or concerns this year please feel free to call or email me.  
    I have taught Resource Language Arts and Math K-5, Bilingual PK, First Grade, Third Grade, Bilingual Fourth Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, Fine Arts, Elementary P.E., Adult ESL at Alvin Community College. Currently, I am a First Grade teacher at Mark Twain Elementary. 
    Graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake 1984 - Bachelor of Science Elementary Education 
    Texas Teaching Certificate -
    Elementary Self-Contained Grades (1-8)
    Elementary Life-Earth Science Grades (1-8)
    English as a Second Language Grades (PK-12)
    Generic Special Education Grades (PK-12)
    History Grades (8-12)
    Secondary Speech Communications Grades (6-12)