Machu Picchu
    My family
    David Weber
    Room # 602
    Conference Hours: 8:20-9:05
    lunch: 11:45-12:15
    My education:
    Alvin Jr. High
    Alvin High School 
    Alvin Community College
    The University of St. Thomas
    University of Houston-Clear Lake
    My education began here in Alvin when I started first grade in one of the buildings which later became part of the high school campus.  I graduated from Alvin Community College, received a double major from the University of St. Thomas, and an M.A. from the University of Houston at Clear Lake. Shortly after graduation, I started volunteering to teach ESL classes to adults. That experience led me to consider pursuing a career in education. First, though, I had to master the Spanish language. I started studying as an autodidact, but there was only so much I could learn on my own. Eventually, I found myself studying in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where total immersion proved to be the best approach to learning.  I've also traveled to other regions in Latin America, including more parts of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Perú.   
    Besides my interest in Spanish and I’ve always loved books and reading of all kinds, and I’ve been writing as a way to entertain myself as long as I can remember. My hope as a teacher is to be able to share these interests with my students.
    I have been married since 2011, and I have a young daughter who takes a lot of my attention.
    Here are some of my favorite things
    color: psychedelic
    food: sushi or Mediterranean
    book: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Márquez
    authors: Jorge Luis Borges or Ray Bradbury
    sci fi movie: Star Wars: A New Hope
    comedic movie: Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail
    dramatic movie: The English Patient
    opera: The Magic Flute
    jazz musician: Miles Davis
    singer/songwriter: Ellis Paul or Cat Stevens
    artist: Paul Klee
    Beatle: George
    guitar hero: Hendrix
    superheroes: The Avengers
    Online Spanish resources