Ms. Garcia
    Name:  Amanda Garcia
    Email:  agarcia@alvinisd.net
    Campus Phone #:  281.585.6696, ext. 4444
    Room #:  210
    Conference Time:  E-mail/call for appointment
    University Alma Mater:  University of Houston
    UH  G's Place

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    About Me
    This is my ninth year teaching at Passmore Elementary, and it is my fourth year as Literacy Coordinator.  Writing and Reading are my passion, and each year I teach, I pass my love of writing on to others, students as well as teachers.  Feel free to contact me at anytime either by phone or e-mail.
    I attended and graduated from Alvin Schools and continued my education at the University of Houston to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  GO COOGS!!!  In May 2017, I graduated with my Master's Degree in Educational Management from the Univeristy of Houston - Clear Lake.  Outside of school I enjoy going to concerts, shopping, listening to music, spending time at the beach, taking photos, watching sports, shopping, trying to keep the 80's alive, visiting with family and friends, and shopping!   
     Let's Do This
    These are a few of my favorite things:
    Favorite Place to be: The Beach
    Favorite Food:  Mexican (chips and salsa are my favorite)
    Favorite Children's Book: Me, Frida 
    Favorite Novel:  Miracle in the Andes 
    Favorite Author:  Maya Angelou 
    Favorite Illustrator:  Kadir Nelson 
    Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks/Denzel Washington 
    Favorite Movie:  Forrest Gump and Remember the Titans
    Favorite Color:  Blue
    Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea (Sonic is the BEST)
    Favorite Snack/Candy:  Skittles/Reese's Peanut Butter Cups/Sweet Tarts (It is still an ongoing battle for first place)!!
    Favorite People:  Those that give 110% when no one else is looking!!!!!!!
    Random Fact #1:  I once was the proud owner of the most cluttered lanyard on campus.
    Random Fact #2:  I often spill things when I wear the color white.   
    Random Fact #3:  Historical Fiction is my favorite type of fiction to read.
    Random Fact #4: Even when I use a map, or Siri, I often lose my sense of direction. 
    Random Fact #5:  I enjoy a good laugh (almost as much as I love queso).
    Random Fact #6:  Nonfiction is my favorite genre to read. 
    Random Fact #7:  I have a fear of animals that sting:  bees, wasps, jellyfish, etc....I will run without regard to what is in my path, if any of those animals come near me. 
    Random Fact #8:  I can eat chips and salsa all day long!!  
    Random Fact #9:  I frequent music concerts as much as I can.  Any genre, any time.
       *Check back for more fun random facts about me... 
    "There is a fire inside each of us waiting to ignite."
     Best Teachers
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