The "Little" Art Room

  • 2020  mural
    A Little Art Room               Alisa Little             281-245-6069                room 126     

                          “We have one guiding principle: Taking Students to the Next Level”

    t Ms. Little @ ALittleMarekArt (click link to visit site)
    f ALittle Marek Art (click link to visit site) 
    This year may look a bit different but I still love your kids and am going to do my best to navigate these temporary changes and give "my" school kids a great art experience! 
    About the Art Room:                                                             
    We are creative, imaginative, higher level thinkers who make beautiful masterpieces.  We get messy sometimes, but we always think outside the box, turn "mistakes" into amazing projects, and have fun while learning to look at our world from a different point of view. We are inquisitive, patient (since we only go to art one day a week), kind, helpful, and colorful! Welcome to my world! 

    The Little Rules:                                                                   
    Follow Instructions and do not keep yourself or others from learning                                     
    Be Responsible and keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself, take care of materials, clean up
    Be Polite and use appropriate language, keep hurtful comments to yourself 
    Be Respectful listen and treat others as you would like to be treated, respect yourself and others 
    Be Creative and always try to do your best 
    Have Fun Learning!
    Wishlist :o)                                                                                                     
    • large  and small styrofoam  plates                                                  
    • dinner size chinette plates                    
    • clorox wipes 
    • hand sanitizer
    • sequins, buttons, bigger googley eyes 
    • saran wrap and foil                               
    • quart /gallon ziplock bags                                                                                                
    • *play-doh
    • KLEENEX!!!                    

    School Vision- “We aim to provide excellent instruction in every classroom, everyday to meet each student where they are and help them achieve their highest potential.”