Precal class 2012
    Name :  Teresa Witt
    Campus Phone # 4253
    Room: # CM250
    Conference Hours: 6th period
    Tutorials: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday after school - 3 to 3:30pm
    University Alma Mater: Weber State University
      1st Period - AP Statistics
      2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Period - PAP Precal

    About Me:
       I was born in Powell, Wyoming but ended up graduating from high school in Layton, Utah.  I chose Weber State University to study Electronics and before I graduated from college I had a job in my field working for Computer Sciences Corporation.  After graduation, CSC promoted me to Engineer.  It was a great job that entailed providing communcations for the Utah Test and Training Range (bomb testing).  An opportunity to work for Northwest Pipeline arose and I jumped at it.  I ended up traveling quite a bit, meeting my current husband in New Orleans at a training seminar.  I got married, moved to Texas and found a job with Nextel as a cellular engineer.  After 2 years with them I decided that I had had enough of engineering and chose a field that I had always loved - Math.  I have been teaching Math at Alvin High School for 16 years now and have been very happy with the choice that I made.
      I have 2 children, Allie is 29 and Alex is 27.  I also have a stepson, CJ who is 31 and married.  My husband, Wes puts up with all of us, which I am enternally grateful for.  When I am not looking for math and statistic related topics to share with my students, I enjoy cycling, reading, yoga and traveling.