• This is a guide for the year of content to be covered.
    First Grading Period 
    Lab Safety and Scientific Method
       •Classroom & Lab Procedures
       •Set up Science Journal
        •measure, record, and compare day-to-day weather changes 
        •Sun as source of water cycle Space
        •solar system
        •planets position in relation to Sun
        •Sun, Earth, & Moon system models
    Second Grading Period
       •Measure, test & record physical properties of matter
       •Describe solids, liquids and gases
       •Changing in states of matter 
      •Thermal/heat energy
      •Light energy
      •Sound energy
    ***Semester Review/CBA
    3rd Grading Period
    Force & Motion
      •force, motion, &  position 
      •pushing & pulling
      •magnetism and gravity 
    Earth’s Surface
       •Changes to the Earth’s surface-
              *Rapid changes – earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides
    Natural Resources
         •Characteristics & Uses of Resources
           Formation of soil by weathering of rock & decomposition of organic matter
         •review characteristics – texture, color, particle size
    4th Grading Period
    Plants and Animals
        •Structures & functions allow organisms to survive 
        •Inherited characteristics & learned behaviors 
        •Life Cycles
        •Physical characteristics & how they support populations and communities
        •Effects of changes to the environment
        •Food chains & how changes affect the ecosystems
    ***Semester Review/CBA