• My Dog Likes Playing Baseball

    My dog likes playing baseball.
    He likes to chew the bat.
    He likes to lick the other team
    And slobber on his hat.

    He doesn’t play too well.
    In fact, he’s kind of lame.
    But even so, I have to say,
    He really loves this game!


    My Dog Makes Pizza

    My dog makes wonderful pizza.
    He makes it every day.
    He’s really good at cooking.
    He’s kind of a gourmet.

    He rolls the dough with his tail.
    Then flips it in the air.
    But you wouldn’t want to try it.
    It’s covered in slobber and hair.

    My Snake Plays Hockey

    My snake likes playing hockey.
    But, of course, he has no feet.
    So although he can't wear ice skates,
    He still cannot be beat.

    It isn’t that he’s big.
    It isn’t that he’s quick.
    It’s just because my snake is such
    A perfect hockey stick.


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