UIL 2nd-5th Grade Chess Puzzle Solving 


    Coach: Irving Peralta

    2-5 Grade


    Meeting Times:

    Thursdays 7:30-8:00 AM



    Thurs. January 9

    Thurs. January 16

    Thurs. January 23

    Saturday, January 24-25 UIL Competitions




    Elementary Divisions: 2nd-3rd grade and 4th-5th grade are considered two separate divisions.
    Each division will take a 30-minute objective test plus a separate 5-minute tiebreaker section. A different test is provided for each of the divisions. The tiebreaker section is identical for all divisionsAll Chess Puzzle test questions are now multiple-choice format.  Students will be required to solve chess puzzles on paper, using analytical and strategic thinking.  The paper test will include a series of chess boards with pieces in particular positions. Questions are based on the analysis of materials or possible moves in each given diagram. Chess puzzle is very different from tournament chess play!