• Writing Workshop Curriculum Components

    Independent Writing
    Students work in their writers' notebooks or on drafting, revising, editing, or publishing writing projects with continuous teacher support and guidance.
    Guided Writing
    The teacher instructs a small, temporary group of students on the craft and conventions of writing in a variety of genres.
    Working individually, with a partner, or in groups, students pose original questions that form the basis of an in-depth research project that encompasses different content areas, draws on a wide range of print, media, and technological resources and involves reading, writing, and visual communication.
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  • Guidelines for Writer's Workshop

    Guidelines for Writer’s Workshop

    1.       You must always be writing or sketching in our writer’s notebook or working on a writing project.

    2.      Put the date in the margin each day as you start writing.

    3.      You need to work silently so that everyone can do their best thinking.

    4.      Use a soft voice when conferring with the teacher.

    5.      When using draft paper, write one very other line and cross out when you make mistakes.

    6.      Request a teacher conference when you are ready for your final draft.

    7.      When using final draft paper, use your best handwriting and write on every line.

    8.      When you complete a writing project,record the information on your Record of Writing.  Then record what you learned about being a writer.

    9.      After you finish a final draft, put your drafts in numerical order.  Then staple them together with the final draft on top, and place your project in the hanging file.

    10.  Place your final draft in the editor’s basket when you want the teacher to edit your project for publication.

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