4th- 5th Grade Oral Reading
      Coaches: PK/Kindergarten Teachers
    (Mrs. Godfrey, Mrs. Boyd, Ms. Hillenbrand, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Sanchez, and Ms. Connelly)
    Meeting Times:  Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
    Students will read a selection of poetry of their choosing. Each selection may be one poem, a cutting of a poem, or a combination of poems. The same selection may be read in all rounds, but different selections are permissible. Selections must be published although the poet may be unknown or anonymous. We encourage students to use animation and enthusiasm when reading their poem orally in front of judges.  Please go to www.poetry4kids.com to look up fun kid friendly poems you child may use for competition. Please be sure your child practices reading their poem in front of an "audience" daily.