2020-2021 Coaches:  Kathy Gwinn
    Email:  kgwinn@alvinisd.net
    Storytelling involves creative expression, listening, and speaking skills. This also allows for the development of creative expression.  Participants must be able to listen to a story and then retell it to judges in a way that is entertaining, but also aligns with the story they were originally read. During the competition, the story being read is between 600-1100 words long, and will only be read aloud one time.  Then, the participants must retell the story in their own words before a judge or judges.  There are no restrictions on the length the student creates.  To practice at home, you can read children's books and magazines to the participants and let them retell the story to you! 

     2020-2021 Practice Times


    Times:  4:00-4:30 on Mondays in a Google Meet