• Imagine Learning

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 4/4/2017

    It is amazing to think that this school year is rapidly coming to a close.  While summer is upon us, I want to share with you an amazing opportunity for students and parents to continue reading over the summer in a new and fun way.  All year, students have been working on Imagine Learning a computer base program focused on Literacy (reading and writing).  Students will be able to continue to log-in over the summer months.  The program offers material from PK-5th grade and beyond.  The program can be accessed via home computer, smart phone, or tablet.  

    Booster from Imagine Learning Imagine Learning

    To log-in follow these steps: 

    From a laptop or computer...

    1. Visit go.imaginelearning.com

    2.  Enter server address/site code:  4808090

    3.  Students enter their school ID for both their username and password 

    4.  The program will automatically begin where the student last left off the last time they used the program

    ***When logging out, click the "door" image in the bottom right corner.  Do not click the "x" in the top right corner becuase it will not save your child's work



    From a tablet/iPad/smart phone..

    1.  Dowload the Imagine Learning App 

    2.  Enter a site/server code:  The code is 4808090 (if prompted) 

    3.  Students enter their school ID # for both their username and password 

    4.  The program will automatically begin where the student last left off the last time they used the program


    *This site/server code will only work with students enrolled at Passmore Elementary 

    ***When logging out, click the "door" image in the bottom right corner.  Do not click the "x" in the top right corner becuase it will not save your child's work


    If you have any questions, please e-mail me at agarcia@alvinisd.net, and I will help you with any problems or concerns. 


    Thank you, 

    Ms. Amanda Garcia


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  • New Bluebonnet Books for 2016

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 8/17/2016

    Please click on the link below to discover the names of all of the NEW Bluebonnet Books for hte 2016-2017 school year.  These books are designed for 3rd to 5th grade students.   Students who read a certain number of books and pass the test for each are eligible to earn a medal or trophy at their end of the year award ceremony.  Reading standards are different for each grade level.  For more information, ask your child's teacher. 


    Happy Reading! 

    Bluebonnet Book List


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  • Literacy Events at Passmore

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 11/18/2015 3:00:00 PM

    Hello everyone, 


    Here are some events coming up at Passmore to promote reading both in school and at home.  Please come out for a FUN time with teachers, family, and friends.  


    Family Reading Night - Nov. 19th 



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  • Spring Semester

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 4/27/2015
    We have finally reached my favorite time of year!  All of the hard work from throughout the year is about to pay off.  We have kicked off our annual Greek Mythology Unit today, and I look forward to watching the students learn and discover one of the world's most interesting civilizations.  
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  • World According to Humphrey / Reading Logs

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 4/27/2015
    Today, students received a copy of The World According to Humphrey (one per family) to take home and read one chapter each night.  Please also use this reading time to complete your child's Reading Log.  
    If you like, you may visit Passmore's website and visit the "Calendar" section to listen to each Chapter read aloud each night.  
    Thank you for participating in this special opportunity for your student.
    -Ms. Garcia 
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  • December Homework

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 12/3/2014
    For the month of December, students will not have a Reading Log as their homework.  Instead, each student will receive a cursive handwriting packet on Monday, and it is due the following Monday.  
    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions!  
    Happy Holidays!!! 
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  • New Reading Logs

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 10/16/2014
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  • Reading Logs up and running

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 9/19/2014
    Hello again,
    Homework is up and running in class.  I am not going to post a different assignment each week under the "Homework" link because each week our homework is the same...the reading log.  They are also still due on Mondays (unless there is a holiday, then it is due on Tuesday).  If I happen to change the reading log format, then I will post a new link to let you know of the change.  Students are working hard and I appreciate all of the effort they are putting into fourth grade this year.  
    Some things to watch for as you help your student at home:
    1.  Complete Sentences
    2.  Capitalization
    3.  Punctuation 
    4.  Talk to your child about what they read. If they have a difficult time telling you what they read, then you know they had problems understanding and may need to reread the text.  
    Thank you and please let me know if there is any other question you may have.   
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  • Homework Begins

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 9/8/2014
    Beginning today September 8th, students will have to complete their Reading Log for homework.  There are directions written on top of the Reading Log, and students have also been given a "Sentence Starters" aid to help them write in complete sentences.  We have practiced in class what a correct and well thought out reading log is supposed to look like.  The students are aware they will lose points for incorrect capitalization, punctuation, and not underlining the titles of books.  
    PLEASE be sure your child is reading each night for 20 minutes and is writing sentences that actually go along with the book.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to have your child read aloud if you wish.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.  The students receive the reading log on a Monday, and it is due the following Monday (unless there is a holiday that day).  Then it will be due Tuesday.  Each day the assignment is  late, 10 points are deducted from their grade.  After 3 days, the students receive a zero, yet I still have the finish the work during lunch detention.  Reading and thinking about what is read is important.
    Check under the assignments link for a Reading Log template.  
    Thank you for all of your help at home!   
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  • Tuesday Folder

    Posted by Amanda Garcia on 8/26/2014
    Each Tuesday (unless I somehow forget) your child will come home with his/her Tuesday Folder (blue with HERO written on it).  Please review its contents.  It contains important information about the activities and updates happening in our class as well as the school. 
    Beginning next Tuesday a conduct card will go home each Tuesday night.  Please look it over and discuss it with your child, initial the "Signature" section and return it to school the next day.  It is a goal of mine to instill responsibility in my class and I do expect each child to discuss their conduct with you as well.  If at anytime you have a concern or question I am a phone call or an email away. 
    You will also see work that is sent home from all of his/her classes.  If any grade is below a 70, the student may correct it and return it to school for a maximum grade of 70.  Please make sure the paper is returned in the Tuesday Folder ASAP so it is not misplaced and is returned in time to be corrected in the grade book.  This is very important the closer we get to the end of each nine weeks as we have deadlines to turn in grades.  
    Today I did not send home the conduct cards because we have not had a full week of school to evaluate behavior.  :) 
    Thank you parents for all you do.  Together we will make it happen!!
    -Ms. Garcia
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