AVID is a program designed to prepare average students in the middle who have the potential to succeed.
    AVID is for students who may not have previously considered four-year colleges and universities.  
    AVID is for students who have the desire and determination to do their best and become leaders!  


    AVID Contract
    Parents and students will sign an AVID contract that states what is expected while in this program.  
    Student Goals: 
    • Academic success in rigorous coursework
    • Enrollment in at least one advanced/PAP class 
    Student Responsibilities:       
    • I will maintain a 75 or higher in all classes or will be placed on a probation contract.
    • I will maintain excellent citizenship and attendance in all classes.
    • I will maintain the AVID three-ring binder [with calendar/agenda, Cornell notes, assignments in all classes, and Tutorial Request Forms (TRFs)].
    • I will carry my AVID binder to all my classes everyday.
    • I will be an active learner, be prepared for all classes with all assigned work completed, take Cornell notes daily, and be an active participant in all activities. 
    • I will complete all homework assignments (commit to two hours of homework every night).
    • I will participate in AVID tutorials at least twice a week.  I will come to AVID class prepared for tutorial sessions with the TRF pre-work completed, AVID binder with Cornell notes, and textbooks.  I will use critical thinking, inquiry, and collaboration with my classmates to create greater understanding about my point of confusion.
    Parental/Guardian Support
    Parental/Guardian support is very important for the success of the student in the AVID program. You can support your child by:
    • Attending the AVID meetings, one per semester. 
    • Attending mini workshop sessions, geared toward learning more about the binder and AVID strategies together with your child.
    • Going over the binder with your child as often as needed to ensure that the requirements are in place.
    • Signing the reports sent by the AVID teacher, when grades fall below 75 in any class.