• Lunchtime  Our class will have lunch from 10:45-11:15. Students should turn in lunch money before school so the cafeteria manager has time to deposit it in your child's account. Please contact the cafeteria manager if you have any questions. Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch, but every visitor must sign in at the Office and wear a VISITORS badge. Students are able to purchase extra items in the lunch line.  These items cost between $.65-$.90. Please discuss with your child if purchasing additional items is exceptable. The cafeteria has the capability of entering information about extras for your child (only having ice cream on Friday etc.) Please contact  the cafeteria if you have questions.

    Birthdays  On your child's birthday, you may send cupcakes/special snack to school and leave them in the office. They will be delivered in the last hour of the day to the classroom for the class to enjoy. We are not permitted to have 'parties' or celebrations that take up instructional time.


    Change of Clothing  It is important for your child to have a change of clothes in their backpack in case of restroom accidents or spills at lunch.


    Backpacks  Please write your child's name inside the backpack. Have your child bring a backpack every day. Many days there will be projects or papers from the day's work to carry home.


    Expectations  We are learning the routines and procedures of Kindergarten. All students will be expected to listen, follow directions and try their Kindergarten Best! Please remind your child daily of their responsibility at school and check their folders daily.


    Tardy The first school bell rings at 7:50. It is important for your child to be at school on time and start the day with their classmates. All kindergarten students meet in the aquatics commons area and are picked up at 7:50. Students are counted "tardy" after the 8:00 bell rings.


    Absences  If your child will be absent for some or part of a school day, please send a written note and/or doctor's excuse in your child's folder. All absences should be documented and none can be excused without a note. We cover lots of ground in school each day, and we don't want your child to miss it!


    Weather  Unless it is raining we will have recess everyday so please dress your child accordingly. 

    Daily Folder Please check your child's folder daily. Homework for the month is in the daily folder. It is important that

     the Daily Folder be returned daily.
    BOX TOPS Box Tops for Education
    & LABELS FOR EDUCATIONLabels For Education
    We are collecting both of these, so make sure to clip them and have your child turn them in to Mrs. Richardson.  We are having a school wide contest for each!
    Want to know where to find these labels?  Check out the websites below.