•  Course: Spanish IV AP                                                         Phone: (281) 245-2232

    Teacher: Cristina Partida                                           Conference:  1st  Period (7:20-8:14)

    Tutorials:  Wed & Thrs 2:50 - 3:50 pm                                    Email: mpartida@alvinisd.net



    Students will build on their previous knowledge of Spanish to polish and improve their skills in the six major learning objective skill areas:

    • Spoken Interpersonal Communication
    • Written Interpersonal Communication
    • Audio, Visual, and Audiovisual Interpretive Communication
    • Written and Print Interpretive Communication
    • Spoken Presentational Communication
    • Written Presentational Communication

    • They will be prepared to take the AP Spanish Language Exam in  Tuesday, May 12, 2020, with the goal of earning a score of 3, 4, or 5.  Components of the exam reflect these skills. See exam format later in this document. 

    Students will be required to “raise the bar” to challenge themselves to use a higher register of Spanish. They will be expected to study the language regularly and keep up with grammar and structure homework. Students will also write essays, compositions, or informal texts that will be evaluated and assigned a preliminary rubric grade. Once the students correct their errors and return them to me with the original, I will then grade them for credit with a new rubric score for an actual grade. Students will also practice speaking in a variety of contexts, sometimes digitally recording their voices for teacher review and feedback. I listen to their recordings, and offer substantive comments for improvement of oral communication skills. In addition, each student’s daily speaking in class will be very important since students are expected to communicate in Spanish routinely. They should take risks with the language as they do so, trying to use new structures, verb forms, and vocabulary to build their communication skills. Everything required of the students is to help them to reach the learning goals. The work is challenging, but manageable and rewarding, as students recognize the progress that they are making in Spanish communication and feel pride in their accomplishments. 

    Section Number of Questions Percent of Final Score Time
    Section I: Multiple Choice Approx. 95 minutes
    Part A Interpretive Communication: Print Texts 30 questions 50% Approx. 40 minutes
    Part B Interpretive Communication: Print and Audio Texts (combined) 35 questions Approx. 55 minutes
    Interpretive Communication: Audio Texts
    Section II: Free Response Approx. 85 minutes
    Interpersonal Writing: Email Rely 1 prompt 12.5% 15 minutes
    Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay 1 prompt 12.5% Approx. 55 minutes
    Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation 5 prompts 12.5% 20 seconds for each response
    Presentational Speaking: Cultural Comparison 1 prompt 12.5% 2 minutes to respond
       The AP Spanish Exam:
    (As printed from the AP Central Web site)
     Recomendaciones para mejorar tu  comunicación en general
     Hay tantos recursos auditivos para ayudarte con tu comprensión oral. Este sitio, por ejemplo, te presenta con audiolibros...«Podcasts» de poemas y cuentos en español. http://albalearning.com/ También, este sitio te ofrece literatura importante del mundo hispanohablante. Se puede encontrar muchos enlaces más en mi página de enlaces o «links».
     Gramática y vocabulario

    Colby Web Site for Spanish Proficiency Exercises o a StudySpanish.com http://bk.psu.edu/StudentServices/IT/spanishSamples.htm
    Aquí debes explorar y navegar por el sitio para repasar lo que quieras. Hay mucha información y pruebas para tu uso.  También puedes encontrar muchos ejercicios en mi página de ejercicios y repasos.

    -Suscríbete a la revista de Ecos.com y también al boletín de la palabra del día (word of the day) por la Red. ¡Son maravillosos para adquirir vocabulario y para mejorar tu gramática!

    Continúa comunicando con tus amigos que hablan español.

    Haz comunicación de text o email con tus amigos de nuestra clase de AP. 


    Lista de las obras para LA CLASE DE LITERATURA AP. http://college.cengage.com/languages/spanish/burgy/album/3e/students/audio/index.html (audio)

    En varias librerías hay muchas revistas y periódicos que están escritos en español. Léelos.
    En el internet hay muchos servicios de búsqueda (search engines) y sitios en español. Explora la red y lee mucho.