• About Me

    Nice to Meet You!
    I graduated from University of Texas at Dallas in 2006 with Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Science and Literary Studies. This is my tenth year teaching, with nine years at MHS. I graduated 2nd in my class from the neighboring Friendswood High School and I live in Pearland, so I'm happy to be teaching in the area that I grew up in.


    I have many hobbies, foremost is my love of technology and gaming. I've been gaming and programming mods for games since I was in 4th grade.  I've had the pleasure of watching gaming go from a fringe hobby to a multi-billion dollar industry.  I am large proponent of the independent (indie) developer game scene, as I feel that there is more innovation and heart than what is found in the larger AAA titles.  I've also recently be involved in the development and beta testing of new tabletop games.


    I'm the current UIL Number Sense and Computer Science coach, Academic Decathlon co-coach, and sponsor the Nerd Herd organization at MHS. So if you are looking to met others who enjoy gaming (tabletop/board/card) or math, come get involved!


    I live with my wife, who is a special education teacher (in HISD), and my four cats who excel in creative destruction: Ajani, Sorin, Gandalf, and Litten. We had our wedding on Super Pi Day (3.14.15), which pretty much means I am the biggest math nerd on the planet.


    (Not pictured: Litten)

    Other Stuff:
    Email: jzendtATalvinisdDOTnet
    Room: C133
    Conference Hours: 10:150m - 10:55am
    School Phone (Front Office): (281) 245 - 2232
    My Phone Extension: x4678

    My Schedule:
    1st - AP Calculus BC
    2nd - AP Comptuer Science Principles
    3rd - Advanced Game Design
    4th - Conference
    5th - AP Comptuer Science Principles
    6th - AP National Merit Review (PSAT Prep)
    7th - AP Comptuer Science A

    After School:
    Monday: none
    Tuesday: Nerd Herd Gaming Club (3:00 - 4:00)
    Wednesday: Tutorials (3:00 - 4:00)
    Thursday: Tutorials & UIL Comp Sci & Number Sense (3:00 - 4:00)
    Friday: none