• About Me

    Nice to Meet You!
    I graduated from University of Texas at Dallas in 2006 with Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Science and Literary Studies. This is my seven year teaching, with six years at MHS. I graduated 2nd in my class from the neighboring Friendswood High School and I live in Pearland, so I'm happy to be teaching in the area that I grew up in.


    I have many hobbies, foremost is my love of technology and gaming. I've been gaming and programming mods for games since I was in 4th grade.  I've had the pleasure of watching gaming go from a fringe hobby to a multi-billion dollar industry.  I am large proponent of the independent (indie) developer game scene, as I feel that there is more innovation and heart than what is found in the larger AAA titles.


    I'm the current UIL Number Sense and Computer Science coach, Academic Decathlon co-coach, and sponsor the Nerd Herd organization at MHS. So if you are looking to met others who enjoy gaming (tabletop/board/card) or math, come get involved!


    I live with my wife, who is a special education teacher (in HISD), and my four cats who excel in creative destruction: Ajani, Sorin, Gandalf, and Litten. We had our wedding on Super Pi Day (3.14.15), which pretty much means I am the biggest math nerd on the planet.


    Other Stuff:
    Email: jzendtATalvinisdDOTnet
    Room: C133
    Conference Hours: 7:15am - 8:00pm
    School Phone (Front Office): (281) 245 - 2232
    My Phone Extension: x4678

    My Schedule:
    1st - Conferencw
    2nd - Pre-AP Computer Science
    3rd - AP Comptuer Science A
    4th - AP Calculus BC
    5th - AP Comptuer Science Principles
    6th - AP National Merit Review (PSAT Prep)
    7th - Advanced Game Design

    After School:
    Monday: none
    Tuesday: Nerd Herd Gaming Club (3:00 - 4:00)
    Wednesday: Tutorials (3:00 - 4:00)
    Thursday: UIL Comp Sci & Number Sense (3:00 - 4:30)
    Friday: Tutorials (3:00 - 4:00)