•  Spring 2023 Classroom Observations are CLOSED



    Process For APPROVAL to Observe in ALVIN ISD

    • Review the ALVIN ISD Observation Procedures and Guidelines below.
    • When approved, an HR representative will send you a GENERAL INFORMATION SHEET and CONSENT for BACKGROUND CHECK to complete. 





    • Fall observations begin after the 2nd week in September and end the last week of Novemeber
    • Fall observation applications/requests will not be considered after the second week of November
    • Spring observations begin after the 3rd week in January and end the last week of March
    • Spring observation applications/requests will not be considered after the second week of March
    • AISD will not approve more than 10 hours per semester





    • Please adhere to AISD safety protocols when visiting campus 
    • If a campus is placed in Secure Lockdown / Lockdown, all scheduled observations are immediately canceled and will need to be rescheduled 
    • It will typically take a minimum of 10 days to process your request to complete observation hours
    • All cell phone use for any purpose during observations is prohibited
    • Professional dress is required for all observers. Admittance to campus may be denied if attire is deemed inappropriate by an administrator 
    • Provide the campus with your badge that you will receive from HR once your approval has been met
    • Remember that all information concerning students is confidential 
    • You can only observe on the campuses provided to you by the Human Resource contact person
    • You are not to make request for other campuses 
    • You may not observe in your child's classroom
    • Respect the campus making the decisions of which classrooms and teachers you will be assigned to observe 
    • The campus administrator has the authority to deny or discontinue requests for observation hours
    • Approved observation time frames are by semester and do not extend into another semester
    • Be respectful of the campus' ultimate purpose, educating the students that attend the campus and serving the needs of those families. Assisting with observations is not a focus to their main goal. Please be courteous to the campus assisting you
    • Be mindful that it is in your best interest to observe in multiple districts to provide you with a better spectrum of experiences