Craig Lillywhite
    Campus Phone #   281-245-4291
    Room #  A209
    Conference Hours   1st period
    B.S. Zoology from Brigham Young University

    About Me
        Hi!  My name is Craig Lillywhite and am an adopted Texan.  I have lived in Texas since 1989.  I was born in Oklahoma and have also lived in California, Utah and Arizona.  I graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah with a degree in zoology.  I have taught biology, chemistry, and for the last few years IPC. I enjoy playing tennis, racquetball, and tinker with my '75 MG.   My wife had breast cancer and passed away after a long ordeal in May 2013.   I have 3 children ages 21, 24, and 27.  My youngest, Cody, graduated from Clear Springs High School and is currently attending BYU Idaho, and happily married.  Tosha is 24, is a police officer, and has 2 beautiful little boys, Jayden and Jordan.  Conrad, my oldest, is 27, graduated from Alvin HS and is a nuclear engineer in the US Navy.  He is married to a beautiful young woman, Marisa, and has 2 two precocious children, Alisha and Marshall.  Family is a very important aspect to learning and I highly encourage actively learning along with your Alvin HS student.