Science SCOPE and SEQUENCE 

    1st Grading Period
    Into to Science
    - safety and tools (taught throughout the year)
    - set up science journal
    - measure, record, and compare day-to-day weather changes (air temperature, wind, precipitation)
    - describe and illustrate the Sun
    - Sun, Earth, and Moon system models
    - Identify planets in the Solar System and their position in relation to the Sun
    2nd Grading Period
    Matter: Properties and Change
    - measure, test, and record physical properties of matter
    - describe and classify solids, liquids, and gases
    - changes in states of matter
    Matter: Mixtures
    - explore and recognize mixtures created when two or more materials are combined
    Energy Sources
    - identify and discuss how different forms of energy are important to everyday life
    - thermal/heat energy, light energy, sound energy, mechanical energy
    3rd Grading Period
    Exploring Forces
    - demonstrate and observe how position and motion is changed by pushing and pulling
    - magnetism and gravity acting on objects
    Rapid Changes to Earth's Surface
    - earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides
    Organisms: Structures and Functions
    - explore plant and animal structures and functions to survive in environment
    Organisms: Life Cycles
    - investigate and compare life cycle changes such as frog, beetles, plants
    4th Grading Period
    Environments:  Characteristics, Flow of Energy, and Changes
    - physical characteristics and how they support populations and communities
    - effects of changes to the environment
    - food chains and how changes affect the ecosystem
    Formation of Soil
    - formed by weathering of rock and decomposition of organic matter
    - review characteristics - texture, color, particle size
    Natural Resources
    - characteristics and uses of resources
    - conservation of resources