•  Next Alumni Social is Saturday JANUARY 5, 2019
     2015 15 15b              Alumni who faced off against JV White on Jan 3rd. As usual, it was the old guys who claimed glory in a 5-0 victory.           JV Orange also faced a tough defeat to an ex-AHS Soccer squad. But everyone had fun in the process. 15c                                   Finally, Varsity was presented with the greatest challenge as numerous young alumni licked their chops at a chance to crush the young guys.However, it was the varsity squad that would win the day scoring 8 goals to the Alumni's late  5 goals.15d 15e  
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    Alumni who faced off against JV Orange (3-0 win to the old guys)                      Both teams after the 1pm match
    Alumni who challenged Varsity (but fell short 0-4)                                                Both teams after the 7pm match
    alumni 2013 alumni 2013
    Varsity Match Highlights
    AHS played an outstanding young alum side in our annual Alumni Scrimmage and bested the 4-0 with goals coming from Junior Zac Gonzalez (#37), Senior Ricardo Esparza (#17) Senior/Captain Anthony Ibarrola (#8) and Pedro Lara. Goal keepers, Senior Nick Gonzalez and Senior Hayden Basiliere, mended the nets with the shutout. Jared Fleming (Class of 2005) and Kevin Hobbs (Class of 1995) were the alum keepers. Great match featuring past captains with new and cousins, uncles, brothers, and brothers-in-arms.

    JV Boys Alumni games were played against 'old Alumni'. A few noteworthy goals were from current JV coach Kyle Kettler (Class of 1998) and Varsity coach Shawn Ruby (Class of 1994) with others from Rogelio 'Chivas' Ortega (Class of 2001). Boys had 37 Alums comprising two teams and the girls fielded a single team of alums. Jose Lopez (Class of 2011), currently in the Navy, flew in from Hawaii for the 2nd year in-a-row just to play in the scrimmage. Still playing soccer (for Navy), he will miss next year due to deployment. He his cousins with Senior Jorge Trevino #18. Next year we look forward to having many more former AHS Soccer alumni present.

    AHS Soccer Alumni .
    Inaugural Alumni Game - January 7, 2012
                                                                         Tradition Continues - January 5, 2013
    Chivas '99 and Roland '05 .
    For 2013, Alums are asked to show up at the stadium between 10:30 - 11am for registration.
    We will have three seperate games -
    JV White @ 11am, (Girls JV @ 1pm), JV Orange @ 3pm, (Girls Varsity @ 5pm) & Boys Varsity @ 7pm.
    Once registered, simply show up to play 20-30 minutes before game start.
    Commemorative Alumni Jerseys are available at just $20.
    Checks can be made out to AYBC (AlvinYellowjacket Booster Club).

    AHS Soccer looks forward to having its sons return - Jacket Pride NEVER Dies!

     . .
    AHS SOCCER - 2005
      ahs sOCCER '05 PLAYOFFS
    AHS SOCCER - 1994                                                       AHS SOCCER - 2012
    AHS Soccer '94 Jared & Ricky
     (Coach Ruby - first row, second from left)
    ketkin Rs&Rs
    AHS Soccer Alumni/Coach Kettler, Coach Kinzie and AHS Soccer Alumni/Coach Ruby
    Coach Reviere(s) with Coach Ruby(s)
    - AHS Soccer Boys and Girls Coaches from 1990s
    - AHS Soccer Boys and Girls Coaches from 2010s