• Why is math so different?
    Coordinators in the Mathematics Department of Curriculum and Instruction for Alvin ISD are dedicated to serving the students in our community. We make every effort to integrate mathematics in a hands-on learning atmosphere to prepare our students for a demanding STEM environment post high school.
    We look forward to working with you and your students in the future! 
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    Guiding Principles (NCTM, 2000)

    The six Principles address overarching themes in mathematics education:

    • Equity. Excellence in mathematics education requires equity—high expectations and strong support for all students.
    • Curriculum. A curriculum is more than a collection of activities: it must be coherent, focused on important mathematics, and well articulated across the grades
    • Teaching. Effective mathematics teaching requires understanding what students know and need to learn and then challenging and supporting them to learn it well.
    • Learning. Students must learn mathematics with understanding, actively building new knowledge from experience and prior knowledge.
    • Assessment. Assessment should support the learning of important mathematics and furnish useful information to both teachers and students.
    • Technology. Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances students' learning.
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