Library Staff

    About Mrs. Gwinn:
    Please go to my website, Mrs. Gwinn's Book Nook to know more about me and what we do here at Wilder.  This begins my third year as Wilder's librarian!  I've been a librarian for more than 16 years in North Carolina.  Before that, I was an elementary teacher in Texas, Georgia and Kentucky for 12 years.  I have two children, one college-aged and one just out of college, and I have had a wonderful husband for 27 years.  I absolutely love what I do and have a passion for reading, as well as technology.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, which my daughter will join me in soon!  And, I have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology and another Masters Degree in Library Science.
    Kathy Gwinn, Librarain
    281-245-3090 ext. 6049