Advanced Placement 3-D Portfolio

    The AP Studio Art course is for the advanced, serious and self-motivated art student. The demands of the class require extra time and effort to satisfactorily complete the requirements. The student will create and assemble a body of work demonstrating breadth and a concentrated area of study;totaling a minimum of twenty pieces of art. This portfolio of the students work will be photographed and submitted to the College Board for analysis and scoring.

    Manvel High School AP Studio Art (3D) class will work toward this goal both collectively and independently. It is, however, not the primary focus of the course. The class is designed to promote analytical thinking skills and ownership of opinions and ideas processed into an art product created by an accomplished art student.

    The class is organized to promote student under standing of art dialog, art critique and self-evaluation of performance.

    The AP Art student is encouraged to be innovative,experimental and open-minded in their approach to their work. Thus resulting in new and fresh involvement between the student’s self-expression and the art pieces themselves.

    The student work is graded in class by a variety of rubric scales. Each one deigned to build student learning and understanding.All students are expected to succeed at their particular level of readiness.

     “I desire the end result to be that the class perpetuates a confident, well educated young person whose love of art has penetrated their soul.”