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        I am going into my 34th year of teaching
    ausnd have been at Marek for the last 15 years. I've taught every level from elementary & jr. high to high school. I have one son, Isaac, and my furbaby is a rescue mix of a retriever and Blue Lacy named Winslow
    (after the artist Winslow Homer.  I have degrees from both TAMU, B.S. in Education K-8, and ut, B.A. in Fine Arts &  Illustration. 
    Here's a few questions I always get each year:
    Are you a "real" artist? Yes,  I am an artist - and a teacher.  I have sold some of my work, have had a couple things in small galleries,  I paint, draw, take
    photos, look, learn, and am still curious and  noticing the beauty in everyday things.  Some day I hope to complete two children's books that I have written and illustrated and have a gallery showing of at least 15 pieces.   
    Do you like being a teacher? Yes, I do. I love to
    help people look at things differently, notice things
    deeply, appreciate things in a new way and learn
    to express themselves through their creativity and
    imagination. My school kids bring me joy just seeing their
    smiles and enjoyment each day! 
    What is your favorite thing to use in art? (medium)
    Acrylic paint and watercolors. I am still practicing and improving with my 
    watercolors so that I really like it as much as acrylic. Right now though, I love painting in just black and white acrylic. The next page will show you some of my paintings. 
    And just in case anyone asks...No, no one is perfectThere is no right way or wrong way to express yourself. Everyone is different, so you can not expect any two pieces to be alike. Art is subjective to the viewer. The process is just as important as the product. You should have fun and enjoy yourself! :o) Try your hardest, do your best, practice, and put in your best effort and you won't go wrong.  
    Artist/Illustrator:  Chris VanAllsburg
    Classic Artists:  Monet & VanGogh
    Style of Art:  Impressionism (when I paint I often use this style)
    Colors:  Teal, Purple, Black and anything sparkly and glittery
    Foods:  Steak and Seafood
    Fast Food:  Panera
    Drink:  Jamba Juice
    Place To Read:  Anywhere! (especially on the beach)
    Genre of Books:  Fantasy
    Colleges: Texas aTm   Gig 'Em Aggies! and ut
    Activities:  Painting, photography, working in the yard, decorating and fixing up my house, cooking. playing with Winslow
    Places: Beaches in Florida and Mexico,mountains in Colorado,Paris, France, Greece, Italy
    Peaceful Place:  New Hope :o) A deserted beach, my back patio early morning
    Season: Cool Crisp Fall & Spring
    Holiday: Christmas!!!!! (actually all of them- I love to decorate and get in the spirit of the season!)