Welcome to the RPJH Note Reading Olympics. While reading notes is not an actual Olympic event, using these note reading exercises from www.musictheory.net will help you become a better musician and to help us continue to be an award winning band.
    Here is how to use these exercises (Woodwind and Brass only):
    • The first link beneath the name of your instrument will develop your skill at reading notes contained on the staff.
    • The next link (or 2 for some instruments) will help you review those notes for your instrument that are above and/or below the staff.
    • The link labeled "UIL Range" includes all the notes that are expected to be mastered at the UIL Sight Reading contest. Also these exercises include a key signature that may effect the note name.

    The link labeled "Advanced Range" includes all the notes and key signatures included in the region scales.

    Percussion please click on the Speed Note Reading Drill link and try to work your way up to a level 10 All-Star.

Last Modified on July 15, 2014