Please write your child's full name inside their backpack, lunch kit and jacket or coat. Have your child bring their backpack to school each day in Kindergarten.
    All students will work on learning the expectations and the importance of needing to listen, follow directions and try their Kindergarten Best! Please remind your child daily of their responsibility at school! Remember to do a daily check of your child's Red VIP Home Folder As it will contain "Very Important Papers". Please check and send it back to school each school day! 

    If your child will be absent for some or part of a school day, YOU MUST send a written note and/or doctor's excuse in your child's folder. All absences should be documented and none can be excused without a note.

    On your child's birthday, you may send cupcakes or cookies to school and leave them in the office. They will be delivered after 1:30 pm to the classroom for the class to enjoy as part of our daily Snack Time. We are not permitted to have "birthday parties" that take up instructional time. Our Snack time will be near the end of the school day after 2:00pm. 

    Change of Clothing
    Please be aware that every child needs a clean "change of clothes" in their backpack for those "just in case emergencies". Restroom or recess accidents or spills at lunch ~ will and do happen. Waiting in the nurse for a change of clothes to be brought up will take away for your child's important instruction and learning time. It can also get cool in our classroom so please send a sweater or jacket for your child to put on as needed.

    Our class lunch time will 10:20-10:50.  Students can turn in lunch money each morning to me via their VIP Home folder as long as it is enclosed in the zipper pouch provided in your child's VIP Folder. Lunch money can also be directly deposited to the cafeteria. Funds can also be deposited online. Please contact the cafeteria manager if you have any questions.

    Unless it is raining or below freezing temperatures we will try to have a recess everyday! Please dress your child accordingly for all weather.  

    Recess and Snack
    Recess is scheduled near the end of our day around 2:40. A short Snacktime will be after recess.  
    Reading in Kindergarten 
     Please read the attachment about how to help your Kindergarten child with their skill of reading at home. Click below: