Awesome Books

  • A Bad Case of Stripes

    by David Shannon Year Published: 1998
    Camilla Cream is off to a wonderful day of fitting in at school, when she breaks out in a bad case of stripes.  The more she tries to fit in, the worse things get.  What will save Camilla?
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  • Big Plans

    by Bob Shea Year Published: Picture Book
    This kid's got big plans, and he's going to tell the whole world about them.
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  •  Chrysanthemum book cover


    by Kevin Henkes Year Published: 1991
    Chrysanthemum loves her name, at least until she goes to school.  Maybe an amazing music teacher can help her deal with mean Victoria, Jo, and Rita.
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  • The Great Fuzz Frenzy

    by Janet Stevens Year Published: Picture Book
    When a tennis ball finds its way into a gopher hole, the gopher world is turned upside down by the love of fuzz.  Everything seems to have gone crazy over fuzz, and no one seems to see it.  Can tragedy solve the fuzz problem for gopher society?  Or will it take the intervention of an eagle and a dog?
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  • The Hair of Zoe Fleefebacher Goes to School

    by Laurie Halse Anderson Year Published: Picture Book
    A great picture book about a girl and her hair going to first grade, where Miss Trisk says they don't mess around.  Zoe's amazing hair is clipped, crimped, wrapped, pinned, and banded, but just won't behave.
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  • The Moon Seems to Change

    by Franklyn M. Branley Year Published: Non-Fiction Picture Book
    A great fun explanation of moon phase and other aspects of lunar science.  Great easy-to-understand explanations with perky illustrations make it an interesting and informative book.  It's one that kids will pick up and enjoy for its own sake, just for fun.
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