•  2020-2021
    School Meal Prices
      Elementary Lunch ( Pre-K-5) - $2.25
     Reduced Price Lunch ( Pre-K-12) - $.40
    Secondary Lunch ( 6 - 12 ) - $2.75
    Visitor Lunch - $4.00
    Staff Lunch - $4.00
      Student Breakfast ( all grades ) - $1.25
    Reduced Price Student Breakfast ( all grades ) - $.30
    Staff & Visitor Breakfast $2.75
    Saves You $$$$$  
    Alvin ISD has computerized food service registers,
    so when a student enters the Alvin ISD system, he or she is given a PIN
    number that will follow them through all of the grades and all of his/her schools in Alvin ISD.
     Entering the PIN number at the cash register brings up the students' account.
    Every student in the school district, regardless of his or her ability to pay, is issued a PIN number.
    PIN numbers can be changed by the school cafeteria manager upon request.
    The PIN numbers are to remain confidential and are not to be shared.
    Cash or check deposits can be made to the students' account
    at any time at the school cafeteria or
    24/7 at:
    All school cafeterias in Alvin ISD serve plate ("Meal Deals")
    lunches which include meat, or meat alternate, a vegetable, fruit, bread and a choice of milk.
    Students also have a choice of a la carte selections.