• Principles of Engineering


    Mr. Jurek

    Website:  https://www.alvinisd.net/Domain/8710


    Course Description, Major Projects and Tests.


    1st 9 weeks Topics and Major Projects

    Unit 0: Career Exploration

    Unit 4: Statistics and Kinematics

    • 4.1: Statistics
    • 4.2: Kinematics


     2nd 9 weeks Topics and Major Projects

    Unit 2: Materials and Structures

    • 2.1: Statics
    • 2.2: Material Properties
    • 2.3: Material Testing
    • 2.4: Design Problem: Materials and Structures


    3rd 9 weeks Topics and Major Projects

    Unit 1: Energy and Power

    • 1.1: Mechanisms
    • 1.2: Energy Sources
    • 1.3: Energy Applications
    • 1.4: Design Project: Energy and Power


    4th 9 weeks Topics and Major Projects

    Unit 3: Control Systems

    • 3.1: Machine Control
    • 3.2: Fluid Power
    • 3.3: Design Problem: Control System


    Grading Policy

    Intro to Engineering Design uses the following scale for calculating students’ grades:

    • Tests/Projects/Major Labs:   40%
    • Minor Labs:                           40%
    • Daily Grades:                        20%

    This course is designed to complete most of the course work in class. Students are responsible for finishing any work not done in class at home. Students will be required to take notes over topics prior to class discussion on some topics.


    Major Projects

    A rubric and a due date will be given at the beginning of a major project. Major projects will cover big topics and will last an extended period of time. Some major projects will be started in class, but will need to be completed outside of class time.


    Engineering Notebooks

    All engineering students will be required to complete and keep up with an engineering notebook. All students will maintain a physical ENB. The physical books will be kept in the classroom and may be taken home if necessary but will be needed EVERY day in class. All ENB’s will include all notes, vocabulary, daily assignments, minor projects and documentation for major projects. Engineering notebooks will be graded at least 1 time per 3 week grading period. The requirements for engineering notebooks are as follows:


    • Table of Contents complete
    • Dates, Titles and Signature on all pages
    • No Blank Pages
    • All entries in order
    • All mistakes have a single line marked through them
    • No significant blank spaces on pages (“Z-It” Out)



    Attendance is a necessity!  Deadlines for Major Projects and Tests will NOT be postponed due to attendance. When a student misses class they are responsible for any missed assignments and they need to be made up in a timely manner.


    School Activities

    All work students miss due to school activities must be made up in advance of the activity unless the student makes other arrangements with the teacher prior to the absence.  Students are responsible for keeping up with the topics covered in class during their absence.  All students, regardless of extra-curricular activities, are required to meet classroom due dates including test dates.


    Plagiarism, Cheating, and Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism is the practice of copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of illegal help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Both are considered serious offenses and will significantly affect your course grade. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct booklet for additional information.


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be on time, on task and prepare to learn EVERYDAY #nofreedays
    2. Respect the classroom, the teacher, other students and yourself #benice
    3. Be responsible for your own learning #workhard
    4. Clean up after yourself and your peers #notyourmom
    5. The computer lab is a food and drink free environment #notlunchtime