• In this course, you will…

    • Be a student first, athlete second
    • Be responsible for their own development and performance
    • Be physically active
    • Learn teamwork and fair play
    • Develop movement skills
    • Develop on-the-ball soccer techniques
    • Learn and apply soccer tactics



    • Correctly and quickly do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it.


    Assignments and Grading

    • Dressing out
      • 0 for not correctly dressing out
    • Participating
      • 0 for not participating


    What you will need

    • Completed physical
    • Completed RANKONE online information
    • Shin guards covered by socks
    • Soccer shirt/shorts
    • sportsYou app for players

    Failure to have required items can result in class removal.


    General Information

    1. Soccer is a cut sport, and not everyone in the period will remain in the period the entire year.  An aspiring athlete could do everything right and still be unable to make a team.

    2. Every moment of every day, players are trying to make a team.

    3. Only student-athletes trying to make a team are the ones who are eligible to be in the class.

    4. Student-athletes will be gradually removed as the school year progresses.  Some reasons may be as follows
      1. Incomplete physical and/or RANKONE (2-week limit)
      2. Not regularly dressing out
      3. Not regularly participating
      4. Failing class grades
      5. Frequent class tardiness and/or absences
      6. Class/school misbehavior
      7. Not chosen for team after tryouts

    5. Part of being in the class involves fundraising to bring in new soccer clothing and equipment.

    6. Athletes may not ask to leave the period to go to other classes to do academics unless we have a scheduled study hall during the period

    7. Athletes are responsible for their belongings in their locked lockers.  Athletes should keep lockers and the locker room clean. 

    8. Athletes do not wear jewelry.  This counts as properly dressing during the period.


    Parent Conferences

    • If desired, please email me for a date and time
    • We may meet via phone or Google Meet