• Manvel High School


    Social Studies Department


    Instructor: Mr. Murphy             Mr. Murphy Email


    Purpose: This course is an introduction to macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics deals with the overall level of output, its rate of growth and the level of prices in general. This subdivision of economics deals with the economy as a whole: aggregate national income and output, government spending and taxation, money banking, monetary policy and international trade. Microeconomics focuses on individual economic entities. 


    Materials Required:


    Pen – blue or black ink

    One subject spiral notebook

    Access to an electronic device at school or at home. 



    Grading Policy:


    Daily work 50%

    Tests and major projects 50%




    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  3:30pm-4:00pm  or By Appointment

    Make-Up Work:


    It is your responsibility to get your make-up work assignments turned in on time in accordance with my classroom rules.  This is to be done before or after school.  It is also your responsibility to get any notes missed.  If you are present for the unit or chapter or material and are only absent for the test itself, you will be required to take the test on the day you return to class or have points deducted.  If you are present for the unit or chapter or material and are only absent for the review day, you will still be required to take the test on the scheduled test day along with the rest of the class.  Make-up tests will be given before or after school as instructed by me.  It may /may not be the same test that was given in class.

    Late Work:


    10 points will be deducted from papers turned in after they have been collected but on the same day that it was due

    20 points will be deducted from work that is one day late

    30 points will be deducted from work that is two days late

    After two days, a grade of 50 will be earned.




    Cheating is defined as giving or receiving information on tests or quizzes, copying homework assignments, or giving or receiving in other areas that I have specified that you work alone. A grade of 50 will be recorded for work on which you have cheated. The incident will then be reported to the appropriate Assistant Principal so that disciplinary action can be taken.


    Class Rules:


    1. Be respectful – Treat others how you would like to be treated.


    1. Be punctual – No one likes a person that is always late, develop good professional habits.


    1. Be responsible – Take pride and ownership in your work, it’s on you.


    1. No food, drinks, or grooming – Finish your breakfast before class or throw it away.  


    1. Electronic devices used only for educational purposes unless noted otherwise.  


     Students are expected to behave in a mature manner to allow a maximum amount of learning to take place.  Students who consistently disturb the learning environment will face disciplinary action from teacher, parent contact, and an office referral.


    Come to my class ready to learn, discuss, and present in various ways the rich economic system in our country.


    HOKA HEY!!!