APA English II

APA English II

  • Course Syllabus for Mrs. Schaefer’s Advanced Placement English II 

     Mrs. Schaefer Phone Number: (281) 245-2232 ext. 4653



     Course Description: 

    English II is a required course based on the Texas Department of Education and Alvin Independent School District Course of Study. This course emphasizes building essential skills including listening, reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. Students will respond to a wide variety of texts and have the opportunity to identify and understand the concepts related to several different areas of literary genres along with developing skills in the writing process. 


    Course Overview: 

     Literature: We will read, analyze, and discuss a variety of genres and determine the meaning or implications of words and phrases in the context in which it is used. This will include the ability to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence found in a wide range of sources and to integrate information from words and graphics. In addition, students will be required to read for ten minutes each day in a book of their choice. They will be required to complete weekly reading conferences and Thought Logs to track their progress. Students may access books through the school library during assigned class times or they may check out a book from Mrs. Schaefer with the understanding they will take responsibility for the book if it is to become damaged or lost. Books brought from home must be grade appropriate. High school and up. 


    Composition: Students will do a variety of writing assignments during each nine-week period. Students will be guided through the writing process with particular emphasis on analysis and textual support of ideas. While not always assigned, rough drafts are strongly recommended as students will be required to analyze sequences of sentences or paragraphs to make sure they are logical and accurately conveys the message to the audience. Major writing assignments must be completed in class. In the event of an absence, students are required to come to the assigned makeup afternoon date to complete the essay. Due to time constraints, morning tutorials are not available to make up essays. 


    Content Objectives

    • Develop note-taking, listening, organizational and other necessary skills. 

    • Sharpen grammar and punctuation

    • Develop confidence as a reader and a writer

    • Create polished written works.

    • Increase understanding and enjoyment of literature. 


    Supplies: Students are required to have a marbled composition notebook that will be graded periodically as a quiz grade. Students will be responsible for keeping  their notebook with them and have it available for daily assignments. They will also need to have a writing utensil. Black or blue pen or a pencil. 


    Students should have the additional supplies with them on a daily basis.

    1. Highlighters

    2. Loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)

    3. Glue sticks or tape. 

    Donations of Kleenex and sanitizer are appreciated but not necessary. 


    Major assignments will be completed and turned in digitally, so it is strongly encouraged for students to have their own technology device. 


    Student Expectations: 

    BE RESPECTFUL: When the teacher or anyone is talking, please be attentive and quiet. 

    Be Responsible: Have supplies including a book and be seated when the last bell rings. 

    Engage in the learning process. 

    Maintain academic integrity. 

    BE ON TIME: Tardy policy will be strictly enforced. 

    CLASS DISMISSAL: Instruction is bell to bell. Teachers will release students. 

    Due to growing concerns of safety, students are not allowed to open the door for any students. 

    Cell phones are only permitted during instruction that requires technology. Smartwatches and earbuds are not allowed. 


    Consequences for failure to comply with school or Class expectations:  

    1. Verbal Warning 

    2. Parent contact

    3. Parent contact and assistant principal contact

    4. Principal write-up


    Students may conference with the teacher at the end of class or right before tutorial times about any behavior questions. Behavior and/or consequences will not be discussed during class. 


    Academic Integrity Guidelines 

    It is the policy of Alvin Independent School District to facilitate honesty and integrity among the student body.  Students must work to be successful in the classroom, each on his/her own merits. 


    Academic misconduct can be defined to include but not limited to, giving or receiving of unauthorized aid on examinations or in the preparing of notebooks, themes, reports or other assignments, knowingly misrepresenting the source of any academic work; unauthorized changing of grades; unauthorized use of school approvals or forging of signatures, plagiarizing of another’s work, or otherwise acting dishonestly in the classroom. Any misconduct of this kind will result in disciplinary consequences. The assignment will receive a zero and the parent will be notified at that time.  Zeros received for cheating may be made up with an alternative assignment during an after school assigned detention with the ability to make a maximum of a 70% 


    Examples of Academic Misconduct 

      Cheating – giving, using, or attempting to see unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids, or other devices in any academic exercise, including unauthorized communication of information. 

     Fabrication or Falsification – unauthorized alteration or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise 

     Plagiarism – knowingly presenting the work of another as one’s own The sole exception to the requirement of acknowledging sources is when the ideas or information are common knowledge  

     Facilitating Academic Misconduct – giving or attempting to help another commit an act of academic misconduct. 

     Tampering with Materials, Grades or Records – interfering with, altering or attempting to alter school records, grades or other documents without authorization from an appropriate school official for the purpose of changing, falsifying or removing the original information found in such records. 

      Copyright Laws – All applicable copyright laws will be in effect as related to both computer software and printed materials.  (See the Alvin ISD Technology Usage Policy.) 



    Daily: (45%) Notes, in-class assignments, warm-ups  

    Major: (55%) Assessments, Major Projects, polished writing  



    Unless prior arrangements are made, late work will receive a grade penalty. . 

    One Day Late:   10 Points off

    Two Days Late: 20 Points off

    Third Day or more: 30 Points off 

    Late work will not be accepted after the close of a grading check period. 


    Make-Up Work: One key to success in this class, as well as in other classes, is attendance. However, if an absence is necessary, it is the student’s responsibility to gather and complete the work missed. Do not ask about make-up work during whole group instruction. You may ask during independent work time, at the end of class, or during tutorials. Assignments with due dates will also be posted in Google Classroom. 


    If you are absent on the due date of a standing assignment (meaning you were here when instructions and due date were given before your absence), the work may be turned into Google Classroom or immediately upon return if it is not a digital assignment. If absent for a test or timed writing assignments, it is the student’s responsibility to come to the assigned makeup test date that was posted on the board on the date the test/essay was completed. The test provided will be different from the original.


     Excused absences will receive the number of days missed to complete work. Be mindful of when grading periods end. An “I”/incomplete is the same as ineligible for UIL participation, so some assignments may need to be completed in less time than the number of days the absence allows.


    Tutorials: Tutorials Monday and Tuesday morning from 6:50 AM to 7:10 and Wednesday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


    Please access the Alvin I.S.D. website (www.alvinisd.net) or our campus website directly (www.alvinisd.net/mhs) for information regarding Parent Connect and school policies. 


    All assignments and activities as well as resources are posted in Google Classroom. A resource your student has access to in order to retrieve loss assignments, obtain missed assignments and to digitally turn in assignments. 


    Communication: The best way to contact is through email at rschaefer@alvinisd.net however, you may also call at 281-245-2245 extension 4653 



    I am very much looking forward to a wonderful year! If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


    Kindest regards, 


    Regina Schaefer


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    Parent’s signature.