• Technical Theatre  I, II, III, IV


    Instructor:            Mr. Simpson         

    Room:                   B124/Scene Shop

    School Phone:      713-814-7541

    Email:                   jsimpson@alvinisd.net


    Philosophy:  The study and practice of theatre arts actively involves students as producers, performers, collaborators and evaluators in a diversity of challenging, creative experiences.   Theatre promotes personal, social, cultural, and ethical awareness through the examination of contemporary, historical, and universal issues and themes.  Theatre develops students who are complex and perceptive thinkers, articulate communicators, and organized problem-solvers who are able to set and achieve goals, manage resources (such as time, materials and technology) and integrate and apply these skills to the many aspects of their lives.  Through aesthetic experience, students become appreciative and critical consumers of live theatre, film, television, and other technologies.


    Classroom Goals:  Students will develop basic technical theatre skills including:

    Stagecraft/Scenic Construction

    Lighting-board and instrument operation

    Makeup Application

    Sound Design and Execution.

    Costume Design.



     Students will improve skills in communication, creativity, theatre appreciation, and evaluation.  Individually and as a group, our goals are to encourage creativity and experimentation, praise effort, listen attentively, work diligently, think critically, evaluate objectively, and strive for excellence.


    Extra-curricular work calls are required for Tech II and beyond.  *Students are encouraged to participate in Drama Club/International Thespian Society extracurricular activities, departmental productions and UIL competitions. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me at the contact listed above.


    *Students can earn letter jackets and awards and may be eligible for scholarships based on participation in these activities.  Thespian club meets every other Wednesday from 3-4pm.


    Classroom Rules:

                Be Prompt.

                Be Prepared.

                Be Polite.

                Be Productive/Positively Participate.

                Pick Up After Yourself.




    verbal warning                                               

    teacher detention                                           

    parent contact

    double detention        

    office referral

    *Serious infractions (including but not limited to profanity, theft, truancy and verbal or physical violence will result in an immediate office referral without a warning.



    Cell Phone Policy:

    Cell phone use can interfere with the accomplishment of class objectives.  Cell phones should be secured and not in use unless specific permission is granted by the instructor. 


    Grading Policy:  Theatre is a collaborative endeavor and the successive accomplishment of daily objectives is crucial to successful learning.  Attendance and participation is critical in Theatre Arts.  Late work will be accepted for a maximum grade of 70 until the end of each grading period. 


    Participation/Accomplishment of Daily Objectives/Builds                           50%

    Performances and Projects                                                                             50%

    *The above grading percentages reflect the 9 week grade compositions. 

    The Final Exam/Final Performance/Final Project constitutes 15% of the final semester grade. 



    Notebook—a three-pronged paper folder with white, loose leaf paper

    pencils with erasers and blue or black ink pens

    1 box of Kleenex/Tissue  OR  1 box of band-aids OR 1 hand sanitizer OR 1 box of safety pins


    Parental Involvement:  Parental involvement is encouraged.  Your attendance at all extra-curricular rehearsals, performances and field trips is welcome.

    *Note-- Due to district requirements, parent volunteer forms must be completed prior to parental contact with students during extra-curricular activities such as field trips (excludes audience members) and some activities require a fee for attendance. 


     Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Simpson at the contact email/phone listed above if you have any questions or concerns.