Bus Ridership Rules



    School bus transportation is a privilege contingent upon compliance with the necessary safety rules. All provisions of the Alvin ISD Student Code of Conduct apply to students when being transported by the Alvin ISD Transportation Department.



    Meeting the Bus


      • Students must be on time and visible at the bus stop. It is recommended that students be at their bus stop (10) minutes prior to pick-up time.  Once a bus departs a bus stop or school, it will not stop for late students or stop at unauthorized locations to receive or discharge passengers.


      • Students must not stand on the traveled portion of the roadway while waiting for the bus.


      • Students must not approach a moving bus until it stops.  Once the bus has stopped and the doors have opened, the student may walk toward the bus to board once the driver signals to the student.


      • Students must enter the bus carefully in an orderly manner as instructed.


      • Once on the bus, students must go directly to their assigned seat and be seated properly so the bus may continue the route. If the bus is equipped with passenger seatbelts, the student is required to wear the seatbelt while the bus is in motion.



    Departing the Bus


      • Students are allowed to depart the bus at their designated bus stop ONLY!


      • When getting off of the bus, students should move quickly but safely away from the unloading area.



    Bus Safety Rules


      1. Observe the same conduct level as is expected in the classroom.  
      2. Profanity, offensive or racial slurs and obscene gestures are not allowed.
      3. Do not eat or drink on the bus except for water in a closed plastic bottle.
      4. Do not litter or damage the bus in any way. 
      5. Students are expected to cooperate with driver seating assignments.  
      6. All items prohibited at school are also prohibited on the bus.  
      7. Remain seated while the bus is moving with all body parts inside the windows. 
      8. Fighting, horseplay, and throwing objects are prohibited.
      9. Obey the instructions of the bus driver. At no time should a student be disrespectful or refuse to cooperate with the driver


    Note:  All students must ride their assigned bus. Student transportation on a bus other than the bus regularly assigned will be granted in EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY. This permission must be approved by the transportation department. The student must be a current bus rider.



    Prohibited Items on the Bus


      1. Tobacco, E-cigarettes, any smoking or flammable materials
      2. Live/dead animals
      3. Glass containers
      4. Alcoholic beverages, drugs or chemicals.
      5. Weapons, explosive devices, stun guns, pepper spray, sharp objects or firecrackers.
      6. Large, bulky items that cannot fit under the seat or in the lap of the student are not allowed on the bus.  Arrangements must be made for the parent to transport these items.  This includes large band instruments and school projects.  No object may deny another student a seat.
      7. Balls, balloons and skateboards, bats, golf club(s).
      8. Food or drinks (no eating or drinking on the bus).
      9. Matches or lighters
      10. Liquid Cleaning Supplies
      11. Perfumes, or any type of body sprays.
      12. Sound producing electronic devices (speakers, etc..)
      13. Posting any video recordings or photos taken on the bus to social media is prohibited.
      14. Any other item prohibited by the AlvinISD Student Code of Conduct.



    Disciplinary Action


    Disciplinary action will be taken with students who fail to comply with the school bus safety rules. Disciplinary action may include verbal correction, seating reassignment, issuing a bus safety report, and suspension of bus service.
    The bus driver is authorized to issue a bus safety report to the Transportation Department office for a student bus safety violation. The Transportation Supervisor or designee will review bus safety reports and administer appropriate action commensurate with the safety infraction and will consider the student’s prior bus safety reports (if any.)


    The following guidelines will be used for determining appropriate corrective action for bus safety reports:

    1st Report:  Written warning

    2nd Report: Suspension of bus service for up to 1 day

    3rd Report:  Suspension of bus service for up to 3 days

    4th Report:  Suspension of bus service for up to 5 days

    5th Report:  Suspension of bus service for up to 10 days

    6th Report:  Suspension of bus service for the remainder of the semester.

    Students may resume bus service in the second semester, but the next report will be subject to suspension of bus service for up to 5 days.

    Severe Clause:  If an incident is deemed to be a serious safety infraction, the prior steps may be bypassed and the student may have transportation services suspended for a length of time as deemed appropriate by the transportation department.

    Any parent or guardian wishing to appeal a decision regarding disciplinary action for a school bus safety report may contact the Transportation Department at 281-245-3101 and speak with the Transportation Supervisor.



    NOTE:  Immediate appropriate legal/disciplinary action may be taken against any student(s) engaging in any of the following misconducts:


      1. Possession of firearms, a knife, or other dangerous devices will not be permitted and may result in immediate loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.
      2. Use of abusive, profane language or indecent gestures on or near a bus in which students are being transported or directing such language toward the students or the driver.
      3. Hindering in any manner the operation of a school bus or obstructing, unnecessarily, any roadway on which a school bus travels.
      4. Making threats against or engaging in physical contact with a school bus driver.