Charms Office Instructions

    1) Click here to open a new window with the Charms parent login page.
    2) In the space where it asks for your school code, type "NRBand."
     Login - NRBand
    3) From this page, you have access to handouts, recordings, and our band calendar.
    Access Image
    4) To continue, you'll need your 6-digit student ID.  If we do not know your student ID, your Charms password has been set to the first letter of your first name followed by your last name (no spaces).  This will be updated when school starts and we have access to all student IDs.  If this doesn't work, please email me, and I'll reset your password.
    Charms Snip 2  
    5) Now you should be able to access more areas of the Charms website.  The most important area is the one allowing you to update your personal information.  Please fill out as much information as you can, especially email addresses.  If you include your cell phone number and provider, we can send you reminder as text messages as well.