• Crisis Intervention



    Jamie Powell 

    Crisis Intervention Specialist: Jamie Powell

    Email: japowell@alvinisd.net

    Phone: Office 281-245-2669 Cell 979-248-3101

    Website: Communities In Schools


    The Crisis Intervention program provides students in crisis with interventions that alleviate emotional and behavioral challenges, enhance coping skills, improve student emotional and physical health, and in turn, academic achievement. Students in need of counseling services are identified by staff and families.


    We specialize in providing mental health services to all students and their families including:


    • ADVOCACY- Ensuring that students and families VOICES ARE HEARD, and that fair, equal and appropriate assistance is given.


    • INTERVENTION SUPPORT- Providing intervention support for families to help REBUILD HOPE and RESTORE FAITH after crisis or trauma has occurred. 


    • TRAUMA INFORMED AND VICTIM CARE-Ensuring the emotional health of our students and families, through education, support, empowerment and TRUST.


    • SEL- Social and Emotional Learning support, including establishing a TRUSTING relationship, intentional relevant activities and discussions while creating a goal of lasting resilience. 


    • MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT- Professional supportive resources provided to those students and families whose thougths, feelings, moods and ability to relate have been disrupted.