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Mr. Chris Herrera

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Welcome to my page.  I am excited to be here at Alvin High School and carry on their tradition of JPND.  In my years in the Criminal Justice field, I have seen many things, and my hopes are is to share my experiences with my students.  


Office Number: 281 425-6727




First Period: Criminal Investigations

2ND Period: Law Enforcement 1

3rd Period:  Law Enforcement 1

4th Period:  Principles of Law

5th Period:  Principles of Law

6th Period:  CONFERENCE 

7th Period:  Criminal Investigations


Parents, you are welcome to call me anytime.  I am excited about havng your child in my class.  My goal is for every child in my classroom to be succesful and know there are teachers and administrators who truly care about them and are here for them should they ever need someone to talk to.