• Chemistry Course Expectations


    In this course, students will

    • Investigate how chemistry is an integral part of our daily lives

    • Further develop problem-solving skills through various chemical calculations

    • Develop safe lab techniques necessary for experimental inquiry


    Course Topics 

    • Methods and Measurement

    • Matter 

    • Atoms

    • Periodic Table

    • Electronic Structure

    • Chemical Bonding

    • Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature

    • Chemical Equations and Reactions

    • Mole Concept

    • Stoichiometry

    • Kinetic Theory

    • Gas Laws

    • Thermochemistry

    • Solutions

    • Acids and Bases

    • Nuclear Chemistry


    Class Expectations

    • Follow all rules, policies, and procedures in your ICHS handbook.

    • Be on time and be prepared for class – this means bring all required materials/supplies to class.

    • Respect the people, objects, and furnishings in the classroom.

    • Refrain from eating and drinking in the classroom.

    • Students are not permitted at the teacher’s desk.

    • Students are not permitted in the preparation room area

    • Students will strictly follow the policy for cell phones and other electronic devices.


    • 20% Daily Work

    • 40% Labs

    • 40% Major Grades


    End of Class

    Students will remain seated until the bell rings. 


    Extra Credit

    All extra credit is to be academic and may be offered at the discretion of the teacher. 


    Re-Assessment on Major Grades

    Students who score 79 or below on a major test or project can re-assess for a maximum of 80 points. 

    • Students who wish to re-assess MUST attend at least one tutoring session to be eligible to re-assess. 

    • Students who wish to re-assess must do so within one week of the grade being entered in Skyward. 


    Re-Assessment on Minor Grades

    Students who score 69 or below on a daily or minor grade can re-assess for a maximum of 70 points. 

    • Students who wish to re-assess must do so within one week of the grade being entered in Skyward. 

    • If the student failed to submit the assignment on the day it was due, re-assessment is not an option. 


    Make Up Work

    • Students who are absent have 1 day, plus the number of days they were absent, to make up work. For example, a student who was absent for 2 days would have 3 days to turn in all make up work. 

    • Teachers will put in a zero for all missed work.


    Late Work Penalty:

    The assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it was due. All late work must be turned in before the end of the grading period. Late work may receive a grade penalty:

    1 day late, 10 points off

    2 days late, 20 points off

    3 days late, 30 points off

    4 days late, grade determined by teacher but not to exceed a 70


    Academic Dishonesty

    Any student found to be cheating, copying, plagiarizing, or otherwise attempting to receive credit through academically dishonest means will receive a zero on the assignment. The student will have the opportunity to complete an equitable alternative assignment that assesses knowledge of the same standards. In addition, the student will be assigned a Saturday detention.