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    2022-2023 School Meal Prices - PLEASE NOTE: If applicable, it is important to apply for Free & Reduced-Priced Meals every year so you do not lose access to benefits and so your child’s campus does not lose critical services that are based on meal applications. Applications may be submitted any time online by visiting www.schoolcafe.com.

    Breakfast $1.25 • Lunch (Elementary) $2.25 • Lunch (Secondary) $2.75 Please visit the Child Nutrition website for detailed price and menu information.
    How do students pay for meals?
    All students access their individual cafeteria account at cafeteria registers using their individual six digit student ID number. The six digit ID number is the same ID number issued to the student when they are enrolled. This ID number does not change, is confidential, and should not be shared. Cafeteria accounts may be funded using cash or checks at the cafeteria registers or online with a credit card by visiting www.schoolcafe.com . Cafeteria accounts may also be monitored and managed online using www.schoolcafe.com

    How do I apply for Free & Reduced-Price Meals?
    To qualify for the free & reduced-price meal benefits, a student’s parent or guardian must fill out an online application. Applications may be submitted any time online by visiting www.schoolcafe.com. A new application must be filled out at the beginning of each new school year. All members of the household should be included on one form. Only one form per household is required. Applications may be submitted any time during the school year.

    For additional questions or concerns, contact the Child Nutrition Department at 281-245-2277 or visit the Child Nutrition Department website at www.alvinisd.net/childnutritiondepartment.