Degrees and Certifications:

Malissa Derden

My name is Malissa Derden. I am one of the 7th grade Science Teachers and Girl's Volleyball and Track Coaches.  I am so excited to join Alvin ISD this year and share my love for Science with all of my new students! During my first years in education I worked as a behavior teacher at the Junior High level; it was during this time I witnessed a Science classroom's ability to transfom learners into wonderers and I was hooked! The world of science has the ability to seek out the "wonder" of a young person's mind and allows them to take chances, make mistakes and get messy. My hope for each and every student is that they feel welcomed, supported and validated each day in my classroom!

A little bit about me- I graduated from Sam Hoston State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications. After gradution I continued my education with post baccleaurate classes in the field of psychology and then I started a band! no joke. While persuing music I met My husband and became a mom to my two awesome 6th graders, Dillon and Tyler. The Derden crew loves barbequing, fishing and music! We have 3 dogs and a cat and my favorite exotic animal is a gorilla. My favorite area of study in science is definelty space! I can't wait to explore the WONDER with you all! this year!

- Malissa Derden

Mrs. Derden's Schedule

8:40-9:32       1st- Science Google Classroom code- aslrtx2

9:36-10:26     2nd -Science Google Classroom code- iuat5dr

10:29-11:19    3rd- P.E. 

Hawk hour 11:22-11:52 (Monday is Character Strong, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is Hawk Hour & Friday is avid review)

11:55- 1:29   4th- Science ( lunch included in 4th period) Google Classroom code- qmlrpkv

1:32-2:22      5th- Conference

2:25- 3:15     6th- Science Google Classroom code -rpcqdg2

3:18-4:08      7th- Athletics 



Room- 109

Campus phone number-281-585-6626


Conference time-1:32- 2:22

 Remind 101- See course syllabus below for codes to sign up for text communication and announcements.




    Course Syllabus

    Welcome to 7th Grade Science 

    with Mrs. Derden

    Course Description: Welcome to 7th grade Science.  Science is a fun and exciting class, full of labs, activities, discussions, projects and assignments.  We cover a range of topics including Interdependence in Ecosystems, Natural and Human Impact on Ecosystems, Biodiversity in Ecosystems, Structures and Functions of Living Organisms, the Human Body Systems and our Biosphere and Beyond! You will be responsible for the use and care of lab equipment and an interactive notebook (INB). You are expected to be on time for class with all of your supplies, participate in discussions, and complete all assignments and projects given.

    Year at a Glance

    Nine Weeks 1

    Graphing, Ecosystems including food webs/chains exc. Human and Natural Impacts on Ecosystems

    Nine Weeks 2

    Water cycle, Biodiversity, Genetics

    Nine Weeks 3

    Cell structures and adaptations

    Nine Weeks 4

    Human body systems, CPR, Dissection, Space


    Attendance: Students who are absent are responsible for making up their missed assignments and labs. Students may obtain make-up work from the makeup corner in the classroom and are encouraged to spend Hawk Hour time, tutorial time or the Hawk lab time to complete missing assignments. If a student misses a lab they will be given an alternative virtual lab (gizmo) to make up the missing grade.

    Behavioral Expectations:  It is imperative in a science classroom for students to be on task and focused to prevent accidents. Learning is the ultimate goal and I will structure my classroom to promote a climate of acceptance and collaboration where students feel safe and engaged in the content! I will follow the Harby Hawk Behavior Chart outlined in the campus discipline plan and below. My classroom will promote mutual respect and inclusion of all. 

    level 1-  Teacher warning and document

    level 2- Teacher detention (30 minutes), Parent contact and document

    Level 3-  Teacher detention (30 minutes), Parent conference and document

    Level 4- Office referral, Parent Contact, Principal Assigned ECO (1 hour)

    Level 5- Office referral, Parent Conference, Principal assigned elevated consequences (SAC, ISS, etc.)


    Major classroom Infraction= Removal from classroom and referral to administration


    Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: Cell phones and other devices (including ear buds and air pods) are not allowed unless specifically used at the teacher’s direction within the classroom. The school has adopted a “not seen, not heard, not taken” policy. If a student’s cell phone or devices are seen or heard at ANY time during school hours, the device will be taken up immediately and taken to the office.The parents must then pay a $15 fine to retrieve the device(s). 

    Supplies: Each student is required to have their own supplies for classwork this year.  Supplies for science will include a composition notebook, pencils, colored pencils, gluesticks, scissors and ruler. 

       Grading:  Daily grades-20%, Labs-40%, Major Grades-40%

    Contact Information: Please contact me with any questions.

    My conference- 1:32-2:22

    Text me- I strongly advise parents to sign up for the Remind 101 communication system using their cell phone- You can sign up with the code listed below. There is a code for each class period, be sure to sign up for your student’s class period! 

    Directions-To sign up please send your code in a text message to the phone number 81010 

    1st Period Science code- @cg9bg6

    2nd period science code- @hhca2a8

    4th period science code- @k68e7a

    6th period science code- @7hfdk26