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    GRADE 8
    _____ Consult 8th grade counselor and teachers for appropriate course selections.
    _____ Choose the most appropriate graduation plan for your proposed post-secondary endeavors.
    _____ Attend student/parent evening programs for high school/college planning.
    _____ Take the 8th grade PSAT/NMSQT (www.collegeboard.org).
    _____ Complete your four year graduation plan.
    _____ Plan your high school program with your parents.
    _____ Request college catalogs or review online of your chosen colleges and plan your high school program accordingly.
    _____ Begin researching your career choices and the educational requirements of each.
    _____ Attend military academy presentation in your regional area.
    _____ Develop good study habits.
    _____ Participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester.
    _____ Meet with college representatives as they visit your school.
    _____ Take the PSAT/NMSQT (www.collegeboard.org) in October.
    _____ Choose your 10th grade year courses wisely!
    _____ Start your Academic Resume - Sample and Template on College and Career Website
    _____ Check credits to make sure you are on schedule for graduation.
    _____ Check to make sure your courses meet college entrance requirements.
    _____ Prepare to take the PSAT/NMSQT (www.collegeboard.org) in October.
    _____ Update your four year plan.
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester.
    _____ Learn about opportunities to earn college credit or advanced placement.
    _____ Plan a program of study for junior year with your counselor. Choose 11th grade year courses wisely!
    _____ Investigate costs of various college programs.
    _____ Gather and review information about colleges.
    _____ Meet with college representatives as they visit your school.
    _____ Participate in community activities and keep log documenting hours served.
    _____ Seek ways to develop your leadership skills. For example, run for office in a club or organization on campus.
    _____ Update your Academic Resume
    _____ Review your credits/graduation plan and make sure you are on track for graduation.
    _____ Remember, colleges are looking for the following:
                   Challenging coursework
                   Strong GPA
                   Involvement in extracurricular activities
                   Volunteer service
    _____ Study and take the PSAT (www.collegeboard.org)
    _____ Take the ACT or SAT (spring semester); sample tests available online - Review & Study first
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester.
    _____ Update your four year plan.
    _____ Visit the websites of the colleges that most interest you.
    _____ Plan to visit college campuses during the spring or summer.
    _____ Look for summer enrichment programs.
    _____ Create a list of people who you will ask to write a letter of recommendation.
    _____ Update Academic Resume
    Summer between Junior and Senior Year
    _____ Visit college campuses that has your intended major
    _____ ApplyTexas opens up July 1.  Finish your college applications before school starts
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester. Contact individual colleges/universities.
    _____ Meet with your counselor to review your academic records to make sure you are on track for graduation.
    _____ Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse, if you are planning to play college sports. This can be completed the                       summer before senior year.
    _____ Complete college admission applications. Be sure to submit or mail. or
              www.applytexas.org   - Texas Colleges
              www.commonapp.org - Across the country
    _____ Request transcripts be sent to your chosen colleges.
    _____ Ask for recommendation letters from people you have chosen. Be sure to give them at least two weeks’ notice.
    _____ Visit the College and Career Center for college and scholarship information on a regular basis.
    _____ Re-take the SAT or ACT, if necessary. Check admission requirements for your chosen college(s).
    _____ Take the SAT II (subject), if required, by your chosen college(s).
    _____ Attend the financial aid and scholarship nights at your school
    _____ Complete the FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov). Involve your parents/guardians in this process.  Opens Oct. 1
    _____ DEADLINES ARE IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the deadlines.
    _____ Encourage your parents to complete their income tax as early as possible.
    _____ Complete local scholarship applications and submit by the deadline.
    _____ Apply for college and university scholarships and submit by the deadline.
    _____ Take the TSI, if necessary, for Texas colleges.
    _____ Reserve a dorm room at your chosen college.
    _____ Complete the Graduation survey.
    _____ Request your final high school transcript to be sent to your chosen college.
    _____ If you are a dual enrollment student, be sure to request an ACC transcript to be sent to your chosen college.
    _____ Attend graduation ceremonies and CELEBRATE!
    _____ Participate in the orientation program of your chosen college.
    _____ Consider taking College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams when you get to college.


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