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    GRADE 8
    _____ Consult 8th grade counselor and teachers for appropriate course selections.
    _____ Choose the most appropriate graduation plan for your proposed post-secondary endeavors.
    _____ Attend student/parent evening programs for high school/college planning.
    _____ Take the 8th grade PSAT/NMSQT (www.collegeboard.org).
    _____ Complete your four year graduation plan.
    _____ Plan your high school program with your parents.
    _____ Request college catalogs or review online of your chosen colleges and plan your high school program accordingly.
    _____ Begin researching your career choices and the educational requirements of each.
    _____ Attend military academy presentation in your regional area.
    _____ Develop good study habits.
    _____ Participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester.
    _____ Meet with college representatives as they visit your school.
    _____ Take the PSAT/NMSQT (www.collegeboard.org) in October.
    _____ Choose your 10th grade year courses wisely!
    _____ Start your Academic Resume - Sample and Template on College and Career Website
    _____ Check credits to make sure you are on schedule for graduation.
    _____ Check to make sure your courses meet college entrance requirements.
    _____ Prepare to take the PSAT/NMSQT (www.collegeboard.org) in October.
    _____ Update your four year plan.
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester.
    _____ Learn about opportunities to earn college credit or advanced placement.
    _____ Plan a program of study for junior year with your counselor. Choose 11th grade year courses wisely!
    _____ Investigate costs of various college programs.
    _____ Gather and review information about colleges.
    _____ Meet with college representatives as they visit your school.
    _____ Participate in community activities and keep log documenting hours served.
    _____ Seek ways to develop your leadership skills. For example, run for office in a club or organization on campus.
    _____ Update your Academic Resume
    _____ Review your credits/graduation plan and make sure you are on track for graduation.
    _____ Remember, colleges are looking for the following:
                   Challenging coursework
                   Strong GPA
                   Involvement in extracurricular activities
                   Volunteer service
    _____ Study and take the PSAT (www.collegeboard.org)
    _____ Take the ACT or SAT (spring semester); sample tests available online - Review & Study first
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester.
    _____ Update your four year plan.
    _____ Visit the websites of the colleges that most interest you.
    _____ Plan to visit college campuses during the spring or summer.
    _____ Look for summer enrichment programs.
    _____ Create a list of people who you will ask to write a letter of recommendation.
    _____ Update Academic Resume
    Summer between Junior and Senior Year
    _____ Visit college campuses that has your intended major
    _____ ApplyTexas opens up July 1.  Finish your college applications before school starts
    _____ Plan to attend the AISD College Fair during the fall semester. Contact individual colleges/universities.
    _____ Meet with your counselor to review your academic records to make sure you are on track for graduation.
    _____ Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse, if you are planning to play college sports. This can be completed the                       summer before senior year.
    _____ Complete college admission applications. Be sure to submit or mail. or
              www.applytexas.org   - Texas Colleges
              www.commonapp.org - Across the country
    _____ Request transcripts be sent to your chosen colleges.
    _____ Ask for recommendation letters from people you have chosen. Be sure to give them at least two weeks’ notice.
    _____ Visit the College and Career Center for college and scholarship information on a regular basis.
    _____ Re-take the SAT or ACT, if necessary. Check admission requirements for your chosen college(s).
    _____ Take the SAT II (subject), if required, by your chosen college(s).
    _____ Attend the financial aid and scholarship nights at your school
    _____ Complete the FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov). Involve your parents/guardians in this process.  Opens Oct. 1
    _____ DEADLINES ARE IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the deadlines.
    _____ Encourage your parents to complete their income tax as early as possible.
    _____ Complete local scholarship applications and submit by the deadline.
    _____ Apply for college and university scholarships and submit by the deadline.
    _____ Take the TSI, if necessary, for Texas colleges.
    _____ Reserve a dorm room at your chosen college.
    _____ Complete the Graduation survey.
    _____ Request your final high school transcript to be sent to your chosen college.
    _____ If you are a dual enrollment student, be sure to request an ACC transcript to be sent to your chosen college.
    _____ Attend graduation ceremonies and CELEBRATE!
    _____ Participate in the orientation program of your chosen college.
    _____ Consider taking College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams when you get to college.


    The "To Do List"  

    Click HERE to download a copy.  This is a list of what a student should be doing to be ready for post secondary college and career.


    Texas Universities Offering Free Tuition Based on Family Income

    Download flyer HERE



    This is the application that you will need to apply to Texas public colleges and universities.  Below, you will find resources to assist you.


    Sample ApplyTexas application.  These are the questions that are asked on the ApplyTexas application.  You can print it (over 30 pages) or review it to see what information you will need.


    AppyTexas application.  The application normally opens up July 1.  Because of the COVID virus, some colleges are not taking applications until August 1.  The first thing you will need to do is create your account.  Once done, you are set to start inputing your information.


    ApplyTexas Essay Questions.  Don't wait to start your essay.  You should have these prepared in advance.  Once in ApplyTexas, you can see what essays are required by each college.  Recommendation is to do and submit Essay A & C even if the college does not require.  More information that you give them can tip the holistic review in your favor.